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Chidi: So, what do you think?
Professor Radja: I think it's 3,600 pages. I have a job, Chidi. I have a family. Until I had to read this, I had a will to live. This work is an insane, tangled web of inscrutability.
Chidi: In the fun, "grad students will analyze this for centuries" way?
Professor Radja: No, in the Unabomber way.
Chidi: Okay, well, um, I'll write my way out of the maze. I'll re-outline the middle chapters, do more research...
Professor Radja: No, Chidi. You can't answer every question every philosopher has ever asked. So, what in these pages do you care about?
Chidi: All of it. Equally.
Professor Radja: Shut up.
Chidi: But...
Professor Radja: Shut up, shut up.
Chidi: Should I...
Professor Radja: Shut up, shut up. The greatest works of modern philosophy are emotional. They make an argument about how the world is and ought to be. There is a great mind at work in here, but where is the heart? Where are the guts?
Chidi: I understand. I do. So I'm going to go home and compose a short paper for you, arguing that I should continue working on this longer paper.
Professor Radja: Shut up!

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