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Quote from Brent in A Chip Driver Mystery

Michael: Everyone, gather around, please. Brent has something that he'd like to say.
Brent: [sighs] Okay. Regarding my critically-acclaimed novel, I am very sorry if you were offended. Okay?
Simone: Not an apology.
Brent: Yes, it was. Okay, fine. I'm sorry if what I wrote, which was perfectly okay, somehow made you feel like it wasn't okay. But you know what? That's on you.
Michael: Brent. Wrong direction, bud.
Simone: No, sorry, man. Either apologize for real or stop wasting our time.
Brent: Okay, you know what? I'm actually not sorry at all. How about that? Is that what you wanna hear?
Eleanor: Very obviously not. You know what? Why don't we take a break? Let's all get a snack.
Brent: Not until they give me the complos I rightly deserve.
Tahani: You want a complo? I'll give you a complo. I didn't think it was possible to write a book as awful as yours. I literally didn't think human beings were capable of such racist, sexist poppycock! Also, Chip Driver is either a private eye or the quarterback for the Chicago Bears, or the "world's strongest president." He cannot be all three!

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