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Quote from Simone in A Chip Driver Mystery

Eleanor: How's it going, ladies?
Simone: Oh, you know, just delving into the great works of literature.
Eleanor: Yeah, so, listen, um... Maybe Brent made some insensitive choices, but could you possibly see your way to forgiving him?
Tahani: I suppose...
Simone: No.
Eleanor: No?
Simone: Sorry, but no, I can't. This book is objectifying, misogynistic, and racist. Why are we still dealing with this shirt in the Good Place? When people like him are ignorant jerks, why are people like us asked to forgive him? Also, and this is less important, why is he in a fighter jet for his author photo?
Eleanor: Well, I can answer the last one. It's because he loves Top Gun. As for the other questions, I will get back to you after I consult a number of immortal beings who are very wise.

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