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Quote from Vicky in Employee of the Bearimy

Vicky: [in Michael suit] Oh, Janet, you disappoint me. I expected more of a fight from you. Yet here you are, all alone in the Bad Place, rendered powerless by a measly magnet jail. [laughs boisterously]
Janet: It's okay, I guess.
Vicky: What is the issue now? Hmm?
Janet: That's not how Michael laughs. It's more of a delighted giggle.
Shawn: She's right. You need to nail his subtleties and mannerisms for this to properly work as torture.
Vicky: [removes Michael suit] My problem with the role is that I haven't fully figured out Michael's motivation yet. Like I'm inside Michael, but I need to be "inside" Michael.
Janet: Hmm, you know, it actually feels more like torture when you discuss your "acting process."
Vicky: You don't get it.
Janet: If you really want to know Michael's motivation, it's the same as the rest of my friends: loyalty, empathy, and love.
Vicky: Eww.
Janet: And that's why they will prevail.
Vicky: I hate to break it to you, hon. They're not gonna prevail. [transforms into Michael] No one's coming to save you! [laughs maniacally]
Janet: Oof, getting colder.
Vicky: I know! I could feel it. You know, it was wrong. I'm just... I'm in my head now.

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