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Quote from Brent in A Girl from Arizona (Part 2)

Eleanor: The truth is, Brent, you figured us out. There is a Best Place.
Brent: I knew it! I knew it.
Michael: The Best Place is reserved for a select, upper echelon of good people. Sort of like a Diamond Elite VIP club of afterlife residents.
Brent: I was Diamond Elite. I swear. One time, I did shots with this pilot in the lounge. The guy let me fly his helicopter.
Michael: We know. That's how you died.
Brent: Right.
Michael: So, you'll all be evaluated, and then a very small group of the most morally upstanding residents get to go.
Brent: Oh, I see. So, it's like a "good deeds" contest? That's easy. I'm gonna crush this. Oh, and hey, mum's the word, right? Why tip off my competition? [a woman drops a fork] Oops! Looks like you dropped your fork. Let me get that for you. [to Eleanor] Did you get that? The fork thing? Or should I start writing these down?

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