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Quote from Michael in Somewhere Else

Judge: Hi, guys. Couple quick announcements. Would anyone eat chips and guac if I put it out? It's good. It's homemade. No takers? A'ight. Second thing: we figured out a plan to save your souls.
Michael: For the time being, The Judge is gonna put you in your own medium places, like Mindy St. Clair. And while you're there, I'll keep working every angle I can think of to get you guys into the Good Place, for real.
Jason: This is great. So we'd all be together?
Judge: Oh, no, that's the thing about Medium Places... It has to be tailored to what's medium for the individuals. So if you're all together, it ain't medium.
Chidi: How much time will we be alone?
Michael: Hard to say. Uh, could be a month.
Judge: Could be a million years.
Michael: So, between a month and a million years.
Judge: Yeah, give or take.
Michael: Yeah? Somewhere in there.

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