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You Gotta Have Hope

‘You Gotta Have Hope’

Season 4, Episode 17 - Aired February 25, 1989

When the girls agree to put together a talent show for charity, they struggle to find a host or any talent. Rose suggests inviting Bob Hope to be the MC, claiming he's her father.

Quote from Dorothy

Blanche: Dorothy, I have terrible news. We don't have an MC for the talent show. Kent Ferguson, the KTMB weatherman, has just dropped out.
Dorothy: Oh, you have to be kidding. What happened?
Blanche: He's filling in for Willard Scott on the Today show. It seems Willard ate some bad scallops on the air that he got through the mail. He wandered over to the critics' corner and lost his cookies on Gene Shalit. Gene thought it was because Willard disagreed with his review of The Accidental Tourist. Willard apologized and left the studio. Officially, they're saying he's "on assignment."
Dorothy: Well, at least some good came of it. I mean, it's about time someone threw up on Gene Shalit.


Quote from Sophia

Dorothy: All my keys are bent.
Sophia: Don't just stand there. Applaud the man.

Quote from Dorothy

Dorothy: This is ridiculous. This is never gonna work.
Blanche: Listen, the caddy said Mr. Hope just finished his round of golf. He's gotta be in here somewhere.
Dorothy: What if he is? He's not about to do a favor for three people who look like Sam Snead with a hormone problem.

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