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Quote from Blanche in The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo

Dorothy: Look, could we get back to lining the shelves?
Blanche: I don't feel like it anymore.
Rose: What do you wanna do instead?
Blanche: I know. Let's rent an adult video, drink mimosas and French-kiss the pillows.


 ‘The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo’ Quotes

Quote from Dorothy

Rose: Whatever happened to her?
Dorothy: She colonized life on Venus. Rose, she was 94 when I was six. She died, you idiot.
Rose: How did she die?
Dorothy: You know, we're not sure. One night she left in her wheelchair and she never came back. The next day the neighborhood kids had a go-kart with two really big back wheels.

Quote from Blanche

Rose: It's a shame Sophia has nothing constructive to do anymore. She needs something to make her feel more fulfilled.
Blanche: Well, I'll tell you what would make her feel more fulfilled-
Dorothy & Rose: Blanche!
Blanche: A hobby.
Rose: Oh, I thought you meant, you know, a man.
Blanche: You got a better hobby?

Quote from Sophia

Dorothy: Ma, where you going?
Sophia: To the market.
Rose: Why are you going in the rain?
Sophia: The market's in Miami. If it was in Phoenix, I'd be going in the sun.
Blanche: Now, Sophia, Rose asked a perfectly sensible question.
Sophia: Am I the only one she caught by surprise? Rose, I'm gonna buy a nectarine. I go to the market every day to buy a nectarine. At 82, that's life, a round trip on the number 6 bus to buy a nectarine.
Rose: That's so sad.
Sophia: Not sad. Life. Sad is when you have to mash the nectarine with a fork.