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Quote from Sophia in One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest

Sophia: [dressed as a southern maid] Well, if it ain't the kinfolk!
Dorothy: Ma, where did you get that outfit?
Sophia: I bought it. Figured five Halloweens, it'll pay for itself. Hope you brought your appetite, young fella. I know you're gonna be pleased with the dinner. Corn pone, succotash, collard greens. And them's just the appetizers!
Rose: Sorry to interrupt, everybody, but I have an announcement to make.
Sophia: A mess o' something. I'll skeer us up a mess o' something.


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Quote from Dorothy

Rose: Oh, Dorothy.
Blanche: Oh, you're beautiful.
Sophia: Oh, pussycat, look at you. But to tell you the truth, I was hoping you'd use my wedding dress.
Dorothy: That's nice, Ma. As what? A hand puppet?

Quote from Dorothy

Dorothy: Look, Lucas, no offense, but hardware doesn't sound terribly romantic. So when you come by tomorrow, why don't you tell Blanche that you took me to hear the Emerson String Quartet?
Lucas: I love it. Do you think they might buy that afterwards we frolicked in the ocean?
Dorothy: Oh, gosh, I haven't frolicked since... Uh, well, since... Since the day I dropped my mother off at Shady Pines. Coincidentally, that was the last time I did a cartwheel. It was a good day.

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Quote from The Flu

Blanche: You don't have to worry about me. I never get sick. I take very good care of myself. I treat my body like a temple.
Sophia: Yeah, open to everyone, day or night.

Quote from The Engagement

Rose: I don't drink before bedtime. I stop all liquids at noon and I still wake up.
Sophia: I never have that problem. Never. I sleep like a log. I never get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I go in the morning. Every morning like clockwork, at 7 am I pee. Unfortunately, I don't wake up till 8.