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Quote from Dorothy in The Monkey Show

Sophia: What did I do?
Dorothy: You fixed my ex-husband up with my sister! You don't see anything wrong with that?
Sophia: That's perfectly normal. Do you know, in some primitive societies, it's considered good manners to give your ex-husband to your sister?
Dorothy: In some primitive societies they leave their elderly out in a field for large birds to feed on.


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Quote from Sophia

Dorothy: Ma, what are you doing?
Sophia: Filling sandbags, Dorothy. There's a hurricane a-coming.
Dorothy: "A-coming"?
Sophia: That's right. People only use the "A" when a really big storm is a-coming or a-brewing. So grab a sack and start a-shoveling.

Quote from Rose

Blanche: Oh, you're back from your session early. Was it as cathartic as you thought?
Dorothy: Well, I don't know if "cathartic" is the word.
Rose: You should do what I do. I find if I repeat a word that's confused me, I look smarter than I really am. Like, "Was it cathartic?" "Oh, I've had a catharticism." "Of course, I'm not the type to kiss and cathartirize."

Quote from Sophia

Dorothy: Ma, the weather report said nothing about a hurricane.
Sophia: Ida Pearlberg down at the senior center woke up this morning with a leg cramp. Need I say more?
Dorothy: Yes.
Sophia: Dorothy, when you get around my age, two things happen. One, you get more intuitive about the weather. And two, corn becomes your enemy.