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Quote from Dorothy in Where's Charlie?

Dorothy: You're a horrible little person.
Sophia: Come on, like you never pretended to be possessed by somebody's dead husband for a couple of laughs.
Dorothy: You know, you have really ruined Rose's relationship with Miles.
Sophia: If you could have seen her face when I talked like Charlie. I almost wet myself.
Dorothy: Listen, you vindictive little sea monkey, you are going to tell Rose the truth.
Sophia: Or?
Dorothy: Remember Shady Pines?
Sophia: Yeah, it wasn't so bad.
Dorothy: I hear they sold it to some Germans.
Sophia: Rose? Rose, sweetheart? Rose?


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Quote from Sophia

Blanche: Well, maybe I can't teach Stevie anything about the game, but I can encourage him and give him a shot of self-esteem. Some people are great artists, some are great musicians. I have but one talent.
Sophia: Oh! Oh! I know.
Dorothy: Come on, Ma, too easy.
Sophia: That's what I was gonna say.

Quote from Blanche

Blanche: Oh, I would like you all to meet Stevie. I'm gonna be coachin' him. He's a professional baseball player.
Dorothy: Oh, you got Blanche's number from the wall in the dugout?
Stevie: Yes, ma'am. And it sure was right. I am having a good time.

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Quote from The Way We Met

Rose: I'll make it up to you, Dorothy, I promise. Listen, if there's ever a night where you can't sleep, I'll come to your room and sing "Kumbaya."
Dorothy: Rose, I don't know what to say. Yes, I do. Don't ever do that.

Quote from Sister of the Bride

Clayton: Blanche, we don't have to worry about what the world thinks about our relationship. It just doesn't matter, because we're there for each other. I'd do anything for Doug, and he'd bend over backwards for me.
Dorothy: [covers Sophia's mouth and pulls her close] Sometimes I just love to hug my mommy.