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Quote from Dorothy in The Case of the Libertine Belle

Sophia: So wait a minute. You mean those guys were all in on it?
Blanche: I was in on it, too.
Dorothy: Oh, come on, you were not.
Blanche: Oh, all right. I was not. Damn it, I just hate to be the brunt of jokes.
Dorothy: Funny, you don't mind being the brunt of limericks.


 ‘The Case of the Libertine Belle’ Quotes

Quote from Dorothy

Sophia: He looks pretty dead to me.
Dorothy: All right, Ma, give me your mirror.
Rose: What for?
Dorothy: Every morning I hold it under Ma's nose. If it fogs up, I start the coffee.

Quote from Dorothy

Marlowe: Nice try, ma' am, but Philip and Gloria are innocent of those crimes.
Dorothy: Perhaps, but they are both murderers.
Sophia: Sit down, Dorothy. Don't make a fool of yourself.
Marlowe: Would you care to explain?
Dorothy: In the first place, it is unlikely that Gloria murdered her father. Statistics show that patricide is overwhelmingly a male crime. Although daughters frequently murder their mothers!

Quote from Rose

Rose: You know, back in Minnesota, I was known as the Sherlock Holmes of St. Olaf.
Dorothy: Figured out which one was Shinola, did you, Rose?
Rose: The hard way.