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Quote from Blanche in Witness

Woman #1: Did you say Claude Livaudais?
Louise: Yes.
Woman #1: My great-grandfather told stories of Claude Livaudais. He once sold horseshoes to a Union soldier.
Woman #2: Yankee.
Louise: No, no, I can explain.
Woman #1: Fie.
Woman #2: Traitor.
Blanche: Oy vey.


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Quote from Blanche

Dorothy: Oh, honey, I hope you're not too upset about not fitting in with those dreadful people today.
Blanche: Those small-minded peckerwoods aren't real Southerners. I am a real Southerner. Real Southerners are compassionate people. They're wise and gentle, and they sit around on porch swings, regaling with stories of Abraham and Moses and all the other people who worked on the plantation.

Quote from Sophia

Sophia: Well, I'm off.
Dorothy: That would be my diagnosis.
Sophia: No, I mean I'm going out.
Dorothy: Ma, put down the binoculars.
Sophia: No, I need them. I lost my glasses, and I'm not supposed to drive without them.
Dorothy: Let's analyze this for a moment. You're now what, about 200 years old?
Sophia: About.
Dorothy: You have no license. You're not allowed to drive.
Sophia: Curses!

Quote from Blanche

Blanche: Oh, Dorothy, good, I'm glad you're here. I want you to help me go through these papers I sent for. They're to authenticate my family tree.
Dorothy: Oh.
Blanche: Well, tomorrow I have to present it out loud at the "Daughters of the Old South" initiation banquet.
Dorothy: Oh, Blanche, you're not really gonna go through with this, are you?
Blanche: Well, indeed I am. This club is a link to the proudest of all heritages. I remember, growin' up in Atlanta, how all of us girls used to pretend to be Confederate belles, and we'd receive gentleman callers. Got to be like a competition. In fact, I once received seven callers in one evening.
Dorothy: I'm just thinking out loud, but isn't Atlanta where the Center for Disease Control is?
Blanche: Coincidence.

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Quote from Hey, Look Me Over

Rose: Wait a minute. If you didn't sleep with any of the men in these journals, then how come it says "Bed" on the cover?
Blanche: [laughs] Oh, that doesn't say "Bed."
Rose: Right there, it does.
Blanche: Oh, silly, those are my initials. Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux.
Dorothy: Your initials spell "Bed"?

Quote from It's a Miserable Life

Blanche: Wish me luck.
Dorothy: Wait. Blanche, why should you do it?
Blanche: Because we'll have a better chance. I happen to be a wonderful orator. And two of the commissioners can verify that.
Dorothy: Blanche, "orator" means "speaker".
Blanche: Really? Oh. Well, somebody else do the talking.

Quote from The Triangle

Blanche: Oh, hello there. I don't believe we've been introduced. My name is Blanche Deveraux. That's French for Blanche Deveraux.