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Quote from Blanche in There Goes the Bride: Part 2

Blanche: Oh, you just look so beautiful. You know, this reminds me of the day I married George. Oh, it was an exquisite wedding. 500 people in that big, old church and I didn't have any underwear on.
Dorothy: Why?
Blanche: I just felt it was the right thing to do.


 ‘There Goes the Bride: Part 2’ Quotes

Quote from Blanche

Truby: But, hey, I'm used to it. I put three in the ground. Well, what can I tell you? I like 'em old, rich and barely breathing.
Blanche: Why don't I show you the rest of the house? Do you mind if I ask how old you are?
Truby: Oh, 'bout as old as you are.
Blanche: To lose a husband that young.

Quote from Blanche

Rose: Anyway, I stopped at a gas station and they were nice enough to give me a ride. Oh, by the way, Chuck says, "Yo."
Blanche: Chuck from Arco or Chuck from Shell?
Rose: Shell.
Blanche: Big Chuck from Shell or Little Chuck from Shell?
Dorothy: Blanche, I think you're spending too much time at the full-service island.

Quote from Sophia

Dorothy: Well, I hope you find somebody soon. Actually, you'll need two new tenants.
Sophia: I'm not living with you and Stan.
Dorothy: Yes, you are, Ma. I want you with us, and besides, you can't afford to live alone.
Sophia: Blanche is letting me keep my room, and I have an interview at McDonald's. If I can see over the counter, I'm their new fry girl.