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Quote from Blanche in How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia?

Arthur: Thank you, Blanche. I can't believe how nice you're being to me even though I'm suing your friend.
Blanche: Well, I've always been attracted to ever-so-slightly younger men. Besides, just look at you. Ooh! Must be so frustratin' for an athlete like you. Did you ever play any college ball?
Arthur: No. As a boy, I got as far as the Pee-Wee leagues, but then I discovered stamps. Wow.
Blanche: You know, when I first saw you, I said to myself, "Philatelist."


 ‘How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia?’ Quotes

Quote from Blanche

Sophia: But this time, I'm gonna fulfill my destiny. This time, I'm gonna become a nun.
Dorothy: Do you believe what we just heard?
Blanche: I can't believe anybody would want to be a nun. I mean, "nun." The word says it.

Quote from Dorothy

Dorothy: I'm her daughter Dorothy. You'll have to excuse my mother. She suffered a slight stroke a few years ago which rendered her totally annoying.

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Quote from Hey, Look Me Over

Rose: Wait a minute. If you didn't sleep with any of the men in these journals, then how come it says "Bed" on the cover?
Blanche: [laughs] Oh, that doesn't say "Bed."
Rose: Right there, it does.
Blanche: Oh, silly, those are my initials. Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux.
Dorothy: Your initials spell "Bed"?

Quote from It's a Miserable Life

Blanche: Wish me luck.
Dorothy: Wait. Blanche, why should you do it?
Blanche: Because we'll have a better chance. I happen to be a wonderful orator. And two of the commissioners can verify that.
Dorothy: Blanche, "orator" means "speaker".
Blanche: Really? Oh. Well, somebody else do the talking.