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Quote from Blanche in Feelings

Blanche: Rose, just because you had one bad experience doesn't mean you shouldn't confront Dr. Norgan. Now, you were taken advantage of.
Rose: Blanche, I was groggy. And I'm not 100% sure he did it. And as far as being taken advantage of, look who's talking.
Blanche: I beg your pardon. Why, when I submit to a man's advances, it is with my consent. A woman has the option to say no. Honey, you weren't given that option. You were given nitrous oxide!
Sophia: By the way, Blanche, when did you ever say no?
Blanche: Did I say there was going to be a question and answer period after I spoke?


 ‘Feelings’ Quotes

Quote from Sophia

Dorothy: Oh, Blanche, you did a pretty good job focusing this for Rose. And for me. I have to admit, you would have made a very good psychologist.
Sophia: Great idea, Pussycat. Give Blanche an office with a couch and a license to charge by the hour.

Quote from Dorothy

Blanche: Do I smell aftershave?
Dorothy: The coach was here, trying to get me to compromise my principles.
Blanche: I don't see what the big deal is about passing this boy. Why, in my neck of the woods, they practically gave grades away.
Dorothy: Blanche, in your neck of the woods, men named Bubba get into law school.

 Blanche Devereaux Quotes

Quote from Hey, Look Me Over

Rose: Wait a minute. If you didn't sleep with any of the men in these journals, then how come it says "Bed" on the cover?
Blanche: [laughs] Oh, that doesn't say "Bed."
Rose: Right there, it does.
Blanche: Oh, silly, those are my initials. Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux.
Dorothy: Your initials spell "Bed"?

Quote from It's a Miserable Life

Blanche: Wish me luck.
Dorothy: Wait. Blanche, why should you do it?
Blanche: Because we'll have a better chance. I happen to be a wonderful orator. And two of the commissioners can verify that.
Dorothy: Blanche, "orator" means "speaker".
Blanche: Really? Oh. Well, somebody else do the talking.