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Quote from Dorothy in Fiddler on the Ropes

Dorothy: I never had a mind for money matters. I always used to let Stanley handle all our investments.
Rose: Did he have a head for numbers, Stanley?
Dorothy: The man used to have to get naked to count to 21.


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Quote from Sophia

Sophia: Let me tell you a story, Dorothy. Picture it: Sicily, 1920. Two young girls pack their bags and leave their tiny village to seek fame and fortune and a meal cooked without oregano. Their journey takes them to a seaside town where a ship prepares to depart for the New World. They're just-
Dorothy: The New World?
Sophia: Hey, anybody can say Baltimore. There's an art to telling these stories.
Dorothy: Sorry.
Sophia: Where was I?
Dorothy: Departing for the New World.
Sophia: Oh, right. Anyway, the price of steerage turns out to be 900,000 lire. Or approximately a buck and a quarter. Which is exactly the amount of each girl's life savings.
Dorothy: Exactly?
Sophia: That's why this is a story instead of an immigration report. May I continue? One girl chooses to spend her money and take a chance on adventure. The other plays it cautiously and books only a ferry to Sardinia, saving the rest of her money for a rainy day.
Dorothy: Lemme guess, Ma. You were the one who chose adventure.
Sophia: You also would've said Baltimore instead of the New World. You're no good at this, Dorothy. I'm the girl who played it safe. Maybe if I'd made the other choice, I'd have been prime minister of Israel instead of my good friend Golda Meir.
Dorothy: Ma, you never met Golda Meir!
Sophia: Please! I almost married her husband, the man who perfected the hot dog.
Dorothy & Sophia: Oscar Meyer.

Quote from Blanche

Dorothy: We have to consider this very carefully. We could be holding the man's fate in our hands.
Blanche: I once held a man's fate in my hands.
Sophia: I'm shocked.
Blanche: It was back in high school. I was dating the quarterback of the football team. All the major colleges were trying to recruit him. I was pretty sure he was leaning toward Notre Dame 'cause he asked me how to spell it. But secretly, I was hoping for Alabama. Going to Notre Dame would put such a wrench in our relationship, with all those priests skulking about the campus. Anyway, one night, he told me he'd finally made his decision. He was gonna enroll at the little junior college just 5 miles outside of town. When I said, "Honey, why? They don't even have a football team," he answered by slipping a ring on my finger and proposing marriage. well, I could not believe it. I sat there for almost half an hour just staring at that ring. Finally I said, "Honey, this will not do. I cannot accept this ring."
Rose: Because you loved him too much to stand in the way of his career.
Blanche: No, because it was a piece of cheap glass, and the band was turning my finger green.

Quote from Blanche

Rose: I still feel uncomfortable about going through Pepe's things.
Blanche: Me, too. Although it was kind of exciting opening his closet and seeing his little boxing trunks hanging there with that provocative nickname on 'em.
Dorothy: Blanche, Everlast is a brand name, not a nickname.