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Quote from Rose in You Gotta Have Hope

Blanche: How's everything going?
Blanche: Awful. Kent Ferguson canceled. We don't have an MC for the talent show.
Dorothy: We don't even have any talent for the talent show. The whole thing's gonna be a disaster. I'll be the laughingstock of the Ladies Auxiliary.
Rose: Oh, honey. Would it help if I got Bob Hope to be our MC?
Dorothy: How are you going to get Bob Hope?
Rose: Easy. He's my father.
Dorothy: Rose, have you been forgetting to wash the fruit before you eat it?


 ‘You Gotta Have Hope’ Quotes

Quote from Sophia

Sophia: This Rose/Bob Hope thing reminds me of a similar situation back in my village. Florence Pontevecchio used to fantasize that Alberto Bolognese was her brother.
Blanche: Who was Alberto Bolognese?
Sophia: He was the boot maker in the village.
Dorothy: What's so special about that?
Sophia: Did I say it was special? I said it was similar. I'm having a cup of tea, talking. The two of you have a look on your face like you paid for Phantom of the Opera tickets. Excuse me for not being Somerset Maugham. Better I should say nothing from now on and sit here like a pincushion!

Quote from Blanche

Blanche: I still can't believe that Rose caused all this trouble.
Dorothy: Unbelievable.
Blanche: This whole fantasy about Bob Hope is sick.
Dorothy: Sick.
Blanche: I mean, if she's gonna have fantasies, they ought to be the normal, healthy kind, like sweaty Argentinean cowboys whipping things while they ride naked on the back of Brahma bulls.
Dorothy: I have to remember to stop using your towels.

Quote from Rose

Dorothy: Oh, this is terrible. The Ladies Auxiliary puts me in charge of the variety show, and we can't come up with one decent act.
Rose: I was just thinking, it's too bad we're not back in St. Olaf.
Blanche: Why? They have a lot of talent back in St. Olaf?
Rose: No. It's lunchtime there. I could really go for a smoked kipper hero.