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Quote from Rose in The One That Got Away

Rose: You know something, Dorothy? You don't have to tell me this if you don't want to, but underneath it all you believe in them, don't you? You did from the very beginning. Oh, I'm glad. It's more fun. It's like with Santa Claus. The best Christmas we ever had was when all eight of my brothers and sisters, from Lily to Michael, all still believed. That must be ten years ago now.


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Quote from Sophia

Sophia: I wouldn't be so sure if I were Blanche. Sometimes these things aren't meant to be. Like me and Fabrizio Ribeno. We were on the verge of a passionate love affair when Destiny intervened.
Dorothy: Don't tell me. His wife, Destiny Ribeno?
Sophia: Right. Boy, did she have a temper. She dragged him away by the hair on his back, smashed his skull with a ravioli crank, and threw his limp body in the river. That's a Sicily you don't see on postcards.

Quote from Sophia

Dorothy: You know, sometimes people can lose their looks.
Sophia: Not in Sicily. In Sicily, if you're born beautiful, you stay beautiful. The whole town sees to it. They check up on you, they encourage you, they never let you slip. That's why we were so happy when Dorothy was born.
Dorothy: Oh, Ma.
Sophia: Who needed all those people bothering us all the time!

Quote from Blanche

Blanche: Well, Dorothy, you have no idea how my sister Virginia and I used to chase after this boy. Well, everybody did. He had it all: football star, champion debater, class valedictorian.
Dorothy: How long did you and he date?
Blanche: Well, we didn't. But it wasn't 'cause I didn't try. Uh, I can still remember the night of the big rally before the homecoming game. Oh, there stood Ham, just handsome as ever. I walked over to him and asked him the one question that had been burning on my tongue for the last four years: "Ham, think you might like a little company tonight?" You know what he said? "Maybe some other time, Blanche." Can you believe that? "Maybe some other time"!
Dorothy: Blanche, that doesn't seem so mean.
Blanche: He had the band spell it out on the field. And, Dorothy, to this day, Ham Lushbough remains the one man in my entire life I could not conquer. The one! But come Saturday night I have a feeling my record's gonna be intact again.