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Quote from Sophia in Mixed Blessings

Sophia: There's my ride. I'm off to Epcot.
Dorothy: Wait a minute. Ma, where's your overnight bag?
Sophia: Who needs a bag? We get on the bus, we play cards till we get there, we sleep in a motel, we turn around and come back.
Rose: You go all the way to Epcot and you never look at the exhibits?
Sophia: Please. I'm 82 years old. I'm interested in technology in the year 2000? Hasta luego.


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Quote from Blanche

Dorothy: Look, race is not even an issue. Your daughter is twice my son's age. What can a women in her 40s possibly have in common with a boy in his 20s?
Blanche: Sex. At 20, a man is at his peak, and a woman in her 40s is also at her peak. So when the two come together, hot damn!

Quote from Sophia

Sophia: What's all the racket? Oh, Martha and the Vandellas are back.
Dorothy: Ma!
Greta: It's all right, Dorothy. I've got one at home just like her.
Dorothy: You have one at home, too?
Sophia: One at home? What am I, a cocker spaniel? Why don't you just give me an old sock to chew on?

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Quote from The Flu

Blanche: You don't have to worry about me. I never get sick. I take very good care of myself. I treat my body like a temple.
Sophia: Yeah, open to everyone, day or night.

Quote from The Engagement

Rose: I don't drink before bedtime. I stop all liquids at noon and I still wake up.
Sophia: I never have that problem. Never. I sleep like a log. I never get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I go in the morning. Every morning like clockwork, at 7 am I pee. Unfortunately, I don't wake up till 8.