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Quote from Blanche in Love, Rose

Blanche: I have an idea. I'm going to set her up with one of my discards, Henry Barnes. He's reasonably good-Iooking; he drives a new Buick Riviera; and I heard he just opened a third dry-cleaning store in Boca Raton.
Dorothy: Blanche, where are you going?
Blanche: I'm going to go call Henry. I have nothing to do tonight.
Dorothy: What about Rose?
Blanche: Oh, tell her to call Bud Needham.
Dorothy: Who is Bud Needham?
Blanche: He just took Henry's place in my discard pile.


 ‘Love, Rose’ Quotes

Quote from Blanche

Rose: Girls, was this the only mail today?
Blanche: Yes, can you believe it? People magazine is late again. I'm going to have to give that mailman another talking-to.
Dorothy: This time you might want to try something a little more forceful than asking him in for a Café Vienna and a warm bath.
Blanche: Dorothy, the man had just recovered from a hernia operation, and he was having trouble carrying his sack.

Quote from Blanche

Dorothy: Oh, Rose, honey, don't let this personals thing depress you.
Rose: Dorothy, I can't help it. I haven't been this depressed since I was rejected by Uncle Sam.
Blanche: Well, honey, if he was your uncle, it wasn't meant to be. It's not like he was your cousin, where the relationship might have had a future.
Dorothy: Tell me, Blanche. Did any of your relatives appear in Deliverance?

Quote from Sophia

Rose: Sophia gets chased, and I don't even get a letter.
Sophia: You want Willy, you can have him.
Rose: What's wrong with him?
Sophia: There's nothing wrong with him. OK, so he's 90. He has the profile of a tom-turkey and his butt hits his heels when he walks. He thinks he can pull it off because he wears an ascot and a jaunty cap.
Dorothy: He sounds kinda cute, Ma. I mean, why are you avoiding him?
Sophia: There's no magic, Dorothy. No sparks. You know what I mean?
Dorothy: He's 90; you're 80. Sparks are dangerous.