Rose Quote #226

Quote from Rose in Big Daddy's Little Lady

Rose: Dorothy, I'm telling you, we're doing great. The song will be fine. We just need to find a rhyme for "orange". What rhymes with "orange"?
Dorothy: Cheesecake?
Rose: "Orange cheesecake". "Orange cheesecake". I suppose that could work.
Dorothy: I meant to eat, Rose.


 ‘Big Daddy's Little Lady’ Quotes

Quote from Sophia

Big Daddy: Do my eyes deceive me or do I see Sophia Petrillo standing before me? Or did you all get Sophia Loren as the new roommate?
Sophia: Get out the boots. He's back.

Quote from Blanche

Blanche: That child is trying to steal my Daddy away. She's no better than a tick on a slow-moving hound dog.
Dorothy: Why is everyone around here talking like Burl Ives?

Quote from Sophia

Blanche: Oh, Sophia, look here's a postcard from Big Daddy and Margaret. They say they're having the time of their life honeymooning in the Bahamas.
Sophia: Please. The big news is, he lived through the wedding night.
Blanche: Sophia, you know people in their seventies and eighties can have great sex.
Sophia: Yeah, with people in their seventies and eighties. Put me in a bedroom with Tom Cruise and you'd be peeling me off the ceiling.