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Quote from Rose in Blind Ambitions

Rose: Oh, we used to cook outdoors all the time when we were kids. Remember our camping trips, Lily?
Lily: Oh, I sure do. During the summer, our father would take the whole family on camping trips into the wilderness. Of course, it wasn't really the wilderness. He'd drive in circles for about 20 minutes and then end up in the woods just beyond the barn. It was years before all the kids caught on to Dad's trick.
Rose: What do you mean, just beyond the barn?


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Quote from Blanche

Dorothy: You know, when I was in college, I taught school part-time at one of those schools for the blind. It is really amazing what they can accomplish.
Lily: Oh, I went to one of those schools for a little while. It's just a lot of talking and hand-holding. Never been so bored in my life. I think I'm just the kind of person that likes to get out there and do it.
Rose: Did you know that my sister Lily still holds the record at our high school for the 100-yard dash? She served three terms on the city council, and she was the first woman in St. Olaf's to ever have a pilot's license.
Blanche: Oh, really? Well, we have something in common, Lily. I was the first woman in my hometown ever to have a pilot.
Dorothy: Blanche's bed is next to the X-15 at the Space and Aviation Museum.

Quote from Blanche

Blanche: Oh, I just love barbecues. We used to have the most wonderful ones back home. I can remember sitting out under a big old tree with the Darcy triplets: Hank, Beau and Dove. Eating and talking and laughing. And then along towards the end of the meal, why, the boys always got into a fight over who was going to get to lick the barbecue sauce from my fingertips and kiss away the little droplet of butter that always drizzled down my chin. Oh, has it gotten awful hot out here?

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Quote from Dorothy's New Friend

Rose: I remember when I was a little girl back in St. Olaf. There was this old lady who lived up the street. She never smiled. I mean, she always looked angry. The kids said she'd kill anyone who even stepped on her property. We called her Mean Old Lady Higgenlooper.
Blanche: Yeah, kids can be pretty cruel.
Rose: No. That was her name. Mean Old Lady Higgenlooper. She had it changed legally 'cause everybody called her that anyway.
Blanche: Then how come your name isn't Big Dummy?
Rose: Well, there were already three other people in town with that name. But that's beside the point. One day I got up the courage to go up to Mean Old Lady Higgenlooper and ask her why she always frowned. Well, she had been born with no smiling muscles. I pointed out that a frown is just a smile turned upside down. So from then on, whenever I'd go by, she'd stand on her head and wave.

Quote from Henny Penny - Straight, No Chaser

Blanche: This is horrible. As Big Daddy used to say, "I'm feeling lower than the rent on a burnin' building."
Rose: That's funny. I used to live in a burning building. And it was cheap. It was Charlie's and my first house. Well, scoff if you must, but it was warm and toasty. I'll never forget Charlie throwing me over his shoulder and dashing across the threshold. Oh, it was a beautiful place. Three bedrooms, two baths. Then two bedrooms and one bath. Eventually, we outgrew the place.