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Quote from Blanche in A Little Romance

Blanche: I can't wait to meet Dr. Newman. He was fascinating on the phone. He analyzed my dream!
Dorothy: What dream?
Blanche: Oh, that recurring dream I have where I'm running naked through a train that keeps going through tunnel after tunnel, while a sweaty bodybuilder chases me. He said he thinks it's sexual.
Dorothy: He thinks? For God's sake, Blanche, you smoke a cigarette after that dream.
Blanche: Not all my dreams are sexual. I also dream about food. 'Course, I'm usually naked while I'm eating the food. You know, maybe all my dreams are sexual. Lucky me!


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Quote from Blanche

Blanche: What I was referring to was a relationship I had in high school with a young man named Benjamin. You have to understand that in those days in the South, a lot of things were still taboo. Certain people were not to mix. So Benjamin and I had to meet in secret. We knew if any of the bigots in town found out about us, there'd be a terrible scandal. And then one day, I had to make a decision. Benjamin invited me to our senior prom. I didn't know what to do. Should I go out with this boy I really cared for, or should I bow to the pressures of an unjust society?
Dorothy: So, what did you do?
Blanche: I walked into that gymnasium on Benjamin's arm. Heads turned, jaws dropped. Why, the room was buzzing all evening. I didn't care. I had followed my heart. And I've never regretted it.
Rose: Oh, Blanche, that's a beautiful story. Oh, that must have taken real courage for both of you!
Dorothy: And it's terrible to think that the two of you were almost kept apart just because Benjamin was black.
Blanche: Black? Benjamin wasn't black. He was from New Jersey. I went to my senior prom with a Yankee!
Dorothy: A Yankee, a Yankee? That is incredible! And to think they made a movie about that deadbeat Gandhi, when there's a story like this that hasn't been told.

Quote from Blanche

Blanche: Dorothy, I've just discovered a great new way to meet more men!
Sophia: More men? You're gonna need a turnstile in your bedroom.
Blanche: I enrolled in a CPR class. For six consecutive hours, I was on my back while dozens of eligible men pressed their lips to mine and breathed air into my limp little body!
Dorothy: So what? You did the same thing at McSorley's Bar Super Bowl weekend.

Quote from Sophia

Sophia: What's going on?
Blanche: Oh, Rose has decided to keep on seeing Jonathan.
Sophia: Fine. We're all adults here. Let the man out of the pillowcase. We don't mind if he sleeps over.