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Quote from Dorothy in Rose the Prude

Dorothy: Honey, lean over a mirror some time and take a look at yourself.
Blanche: Where's a mirror?
Sophia: There's one in the tool drawer.
Dorothy: I think you'd better take a sedative before you look.
Blanche: Don't be silly. I look at my face all the time. How different could it be leaning over? Oh, my God! Oh, my God, Dorothy, why didn't you tell me about this before?
Dorothy: Only on your back, Blanche. That way everything slides back and you look like you just had a face lift.
Blanche: Oh, you're right. I'm gorgeous. I'm gonna have to meet men lying down.
Sophia: I thought you did.
Dorothy: Of course that way, not only does your face fall back, but your chest does too. Unfortunately, it falls back and off to the side.


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Quote from Dorothy

Dorothy: Oh, it was a terrible time for me. You know, I'd gone on an eating binge when Stan left and I put on quite a bit of weight. Plus, I was not a 20-year-old. You know, when you're 20, no matter what you do, everything stays where it's supposed to. Now, when you lean over, it looks like somebody's let the air out of your face.

Quote from Dorothy

Rose: Arnie wants me to go away with him on a cruise to the Bahamas.
Blanche: Oh, and you're upset because he wants you to pay your own way?
Rose: I'm upset because we'll be all alone. In the middle of the ocean. On a ship. In a state room. With a bed.
Blanche: Oh.
Rose: I don't know what to do. I haven't been with a man in that special way since Charlie died.
Blanche: Get out of here!
Rose: It's true! Charlie was the only lover I ever had. And my first time was on our wedding night.
Blanche: Get out of here!
Dorothy: Oh, back off, Blanche! Not all of us are classified by the Navy as a friendly port!

Quote from Blanche

Blanche: As the reverend was performing the funeral service, I knew for sure that he wanted me.
Dorothy: Oh!
Blanche: I'd always known that there'd been something between us. Sometimes from the pulpit, he'd be talking about sin and he'd look straight at me. We couldn't do anything about it because he was married. But after his wife died, there was no stopping him.
Sophia: So?
Blanche: Well, we could finally consummate our long and burning passion.
Dorothy: And?
Blanche: It took about ten minutes. He wore his watch and his socks. I never saw him again.

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Quote from The Way We Met

Rose: I'll make it up to you, Dorothy, I promise. Listen, if there's ever a night where you can't sleep, I'll come to your room and sing "Kumbaya."
Dorothy: Rose, I don't know what to say. Yes, I do. Don't ever do that.

Quote from Sister of the Bride

Clayton: Blanche, we don't have to worry about what the world thinks about our relationship. It just doesn't matter, because we're there for each other. I'd do anything for Doug, and he'd bend over backwards for me.
Dorothy: [covers Sophia's mouth and pulls her close] Sometimes I just love to hug my mommy.

Quote from Fiddler on the Ropes

Blanche: It sure would be nice to have some investments to fall back on, though. I just never had a mind for that.
Dorothy: Me neither. I never had a mind for money matters. I always used to let Stanley handle all our investments.
Rose: Did he have a head for numbers, Stanley?
Dorothy: The man used to have to get naked to count to 21.