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Quote from Rose in The Truth Will Out

Rose: You know, I used to go out with a Robert. His father owned the movie house in town. One month, I saw the same picture fifteen times.
Charley: Sounds like cable.
Rose: So tell me about Robert. What's he like?
Charley: He's a lot like Grandpa.
Rose: Does he look like Grandpa?
Charley: No, he looks like Bruce Springsteen.
Rose: Oh, well, then how is he like Grandpa?
Charley: He works very, very hard and he's very, very rich.
Rose: And what else?
Charley: I don't know. That's all I've ever heard about Grandpa.
Rose: Oh, I see. Oh, I wish you'd known Grandpa, Charley. You'd have liked him a lot.
Charley: Do you think he would have liked me?
Rose: Liked you? He would have adored you!
Charley: Do you think that this is the right outfit to wear to a castle?
Rose: Oh, yes. And you'll be glad of that sweater. Castles can be very drafty.


 ‘The Truth Will Out’ Quotes

Quote from Dorothy

Dorothy: Well, I lied to Stan. I used to tell him how great he was in bed. It was really very difficult, but fortunately, I only had to tell him on his birthday.

Quote from Sophia

Sophia: Are you two coming? The spaghetti is getting cold!
Rose: We'll be there in a minute. We're in the middle of a makeup lesson.
Sophia: I hope the kid can help you. You wear more rouge than Miss Piggy!

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Quote from Dorothy's New Friend

Rose: I remember when I was a little girl back in St. Olaf. There was this old lady who lived up the street. She never smiled. I mean, she always looked angry. The kids said she'd kill anyone who even stepped on her property. We called her Mean Old Lady Higgenlooper.
Blanche: Yeah, kids can be pretty cruel.
Rose: No. That was her name. Mean Old Lady Higgenlooper. She had it changed legally 'cause everybody called her that anyway.
Blanche: Then how come your name isn't Big Dummy?
Rose: Well, there were already three other people in town with that name. But that's beside the point. One day I got up the courage to go up to Mean Old Lady Higgenlooper and ask her why she always frowned. Well, she had been born with no smiling muscles. I pointed out that a frown is just a smile turned upside down. So from then on, whenever I'd go by, she'd stand on her head and wave.

Quote from Henny Penny - Straight, No Chaser

Blanche: This is horrible. As Big Daddy used to say, "I'm feeling lower than the rent on a burnin' building."
Rose: That's funny. I used to live in a burning building. And it was cheap. It was Charlie's and my first house. Well, scoff if you must, but it was warm and toasty. I'll never forget Charlie throwing me over his shoulder and dashing across the threshold. Oh, it was a beautiful place. Three bedrooms, two baths. Then two bedrooms and one bath. Eventually, we outgrew the place.