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The Golden Girls: Old Friends

301. Old Friends

Aired September 19, 1987

Sophia bonds with an elderly gentleman who sits down on the boardwalk every day. Meanwhile, Blanche accidentally gives Rose's teddy bear away to a little girl.

Quote from Blanche

Blanche: Dorothy, I have a confession to make. Rose didn't lose Fernando. I gave him to Daisy when she was helping out with the rummage sale.
Dorothy: Well, then, there's no problem, honey. Just call Daisy and get Fernando back. She's a very sweet kid. She'll understand.
Blanche: I tried that. She said no.
Dorothy: What do you mean?
Blanche: She's not a sweet kid anymore. She's holding Fernando for ransom.
Dorothy: Come on.
Blanche: Dorothy, she sent me one of his ears!


Quote from Blanche

Dorothy: It's very sweet of you to give up your Saturday to help with this fundraiser.
Daisy: That's what being a Sunshine Cadet is all about.
Blanche: I know, and I so admire your motto: "Spread it around."
Dorothy: That's sunshine, Blanche. "Spread sunshine around."
Blanche: Whatever.

Quote from Sophia

Sophia: So where do you work? A bank, a department store?
Alvin: Ocean Mist Retirement Hotel. Sundays, noon to one.
Sophia: Ocean Mist. You know Molly Feinberg?
Alvin: I don't think so. Wait a minute, you mean Molly Feinbaum.
Sophia: I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Ocean View, not Ocean Mist.
Alvin: Finestein, that's it. Gray hair, glasses.
Sophia: Or is it Ocean Spray? Well, that's a cranberry juice. Definitely Ocean Terrace.
Alvin: Definitely Feinstein. Except she pronounces it "Feinstine." Harriet Feinstein. You want me to say hello for you?
Sophia: Would you mind? We're very close.
Alvin: No problem.

Quote from Sophia

Sophia: I think I got one.
Alvin: Where?
Sophia: Past the lifeguard stand.
Alvin: Bald guy about 20 yards out?
Sophia: Yeah. Yeah, watch his face. Huh? Am I right?
Alvin: You got one, no doubt about it. That gentleman just peed in the ocean.
Sophia: How many is that today? Three? Four?
Alvin: I'm not sure. I lost track.

Quote from Sophia

Rose: Fernando's not a midget. He's my oldest and closest friend.
Sophia: I didn't know Alvin that long but I thought we were getting close. I can't believe he just walked away.
Rose: Fernando was always there for me. Whenever I was scared or down about something, I'd just roll over and snuggle up against him in bed.
Sophia: I never went to bed with Alvin. The thought never crossed my mind which is odd because I've always wondered about that myth.
Rose: There's a myth about people named Alvin?
Sophia: The myth about black men in the bedroom.
Rose: Is that a Greek myth?

Quote from Rose

Dorothy: Well, kid, what do you want?
Daisy: I changed my mind. I was wrong to ask for all those gifts.
Blanche: Dorothy, you see, I knew she'd come to her senses.
Daisy: I decided cash is better. That way I can buy exactly what I want.
Blanche: I'll get my purse.
Rose: No. Blanche, I'm not gonna let you do that. I've been doing a lot of thinking. If after all the years of love and companionship Fernando and I are meant to part company. I'll just have to accept that. Time to time, life deals you an unfriendly hand. There's nothing you can do about it. I guess there's a lesson to be learned here. [Rose places her hands on Daisy's shoulder and guides her towards the door] Sometimes, life just isn't fair, kiddo. [Rose grabs the teddy bear and pushes Daisy out the door]

Quote from Blanche

Blanche: So that's when the salesman from men's sportswear walks clear across the store into lady's petite and says, "Excuse me, Miss, but I notice you've been having a hard time deciding between the turquoise strapless and the flaming red backless. Well, personally, I would like to see you in the backless." And I said, "When?" And he said, "How about Saturday night?" And I said, "How about in your dreams, sleazo?" Can you believe the nerve of that guy?
Rose: What were you doing in lady's petite?

Quote from Sophia

Dorothy: Ma, please. Will you let me say what I have to say?
Sophia: Maybe I don't want to hear what you have to say. Maybe I'm happy not knowing anything.
Dorothy: Or maybe you know already.
Sophia: I'm not stupid. I could see there was something about Alvin that wasn't right.
Dorothy: Ma, he has Alzheimer's disease. I met his daughter down at the boardwalk. She said that when he first started wandering off, she followed him everywhere. She took a leave of absence from her job so she could take care of him. But she's not gonna be able to afford that much longer. Uh, the family's discussed sending him to New York. He has a nephew who's a doctor there and can give him special care. And Ma, Sandra says that within the next couple of months, they're gonna do that.
Sophia: You know, Dorothy, people think if you live to be my age, you should be grateful just to be alive. Well, that's not how it works. You need a reason to get up in the morning. And sometimes even after you find one, life can turn right around and spit in your face.
Dorothy: I'm sorry, Ma.
Sophia: A few months, huh? That should give me enough time to finish the scarf.

Quote from Dorothy

Dorothy: Hey, I didn't hear you get up.
Rose: I never went to sleep.
Dorothy: Now look, Rose, this has to stop. Now you have been carrying on for a week. It was only a toy animal.
Rose: Fernando was more than that. He was full of life, he was full of love...
Dorothy: He was full of stuffing, Rose.

Quote from Blanche

Blanche: It's just so inspiring, the way those Sunshine Cadets volunteer for community service. You know, back home, we didn't have a community organization for females. Unless you count Miss Maggie's house on the hill. Those girls would stand on their heads for you. Course I heard that cost you ten bucks extra.

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