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Mother Load

‘Mother Load’

Season 7, Episode 6 -  Aired October 26, 1991

After Blanche starts dating a dashing news anchor, his elderly mother tries to put a stop to their relationship. Meanwhile, Stan uncovers his own mother issues in therapy when he realizes he craves Sophia's approval.

Quote from Sophia

Stan: Look, if I have hurt somebody, I am sorry. But you should know, I've hurt myself worse. Sophia, I did the best I could.
Sophia: I suppose you did.
Stan: Can't you find it anyplace in your heart to forgive me? Any place in your heart when you loved me? Have you loved me ever?
Sophia: There was that one morning at St. Francis Hospital. You and me peeking through the maternity window the first time they wheeled Dorothy and little Michael out. There was a whole happy future in your smile. I suppose I did. I suppose I do. I do love you, Stan.
Stan: I love you, Ma.


Quote from Sophia

Dr. Halperin: Oh, this is great. But I want you to understand, this is just the first step.
Stan: Doctor, you are a genius. I feel great! Let's go to dinner and celebrate. How does Chinese food sound?
Sophia: I love Chinese food.
Dorothy: Oh, why not? A celebratory dinner to bury the hatchet.
Stan: Who invited you?
Sophia: Don't wait up.

Quote from Rose

Jerry: Well, maybe I shouldn't, Blanche. I mean, t-this darn girdle is tight enough as it is.
Dorothy: Rose, did you catch that?
Rose: I sure did, my friend. "Darn girdle." The man refuses to curse.

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