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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun... Before They Die

‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun... Before They Die’

Season 6, Episode 10 -  Aired November 24, 1990

Sophia asks Blanche for advice on how to please her new boyfriend, Tony. Meanwhile, Rose avoids being intimate with Miles during a drought in St. Olaf.

Quote from Sophia

Sophia: I've made a decision. I'm gonna go see Tony.
Blanche: Don't do that. Now you have him right where you want him.
Sophia: I'm not listening to you anymore. Dorothy was right. You got me into trouble, you got Rose into trouble. You'd get Dorothy into trouble if anyone was interested in her.


Quote from Sophia

Dorothy: Wait a minute. Why, just the other day, that guy who works with our gardener, you know, the one with the leaf blower, told me that I looked nice with a little lilt in his voice and tried to blow my skirt over my head.
Sophia: Everything but the white horse, huh, pussycat? Look, Sophia Petrillo doesn't give up. She fights for her man. She can overcome anything. She needs ten bucks for a cab.

Quote from Sophia

Tony: Sophia, sit down. I picked up that phone a hundred times, but I just couldn't make that call. I haven't told anyone I love them since since my wife died.
Sophia: That's a long time ago.
Tony: Yeah, but this I-care-for-you thing has always worked up until now. Sophia, I do love you.
Sophia: I love you, too. [kiss] So, what do we do now?
Tony: You wanna see pictures of my late wife?
Sophia: I thought you'd never ask. I brought some of my husband Sal.

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