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Quote from Blanche in Rose Fights Back

Blanche: Well, it's a little too natural if you ask me. I prefer to be smooth under my arms and from my ankle to the top of my thigh.
Rose: Get outta here.
Blanche: What?
Rose: You shave above the knee?
Blanche: Well, of course.
Rose: Get outta here.
Blanche: Surely, Rose, you have heard of women shaving above the knee?
Rose: Get outta here.
Dorothy: Rose, you say that one more time and we will.
Rose: I never heard of anything like that before. When men see that you shave your legs above the knee, what does that say to them?
Blanche: Hopefully, it says, "Touch my leg."
Dorothy: That's in case they miss the tattoo that says the same thing.

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