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Quote from Sophia in Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas

Rose: I mean, when you think about Christmas, don't you think about giving gifts?
Dorothy: Yes, but that's not the first thing. When I think of Christmas, I think of Christmas in New York. The decorations in Macy's window, the show at Radio City, skaters on the ice at Mitsubishi Center.
Sophia: In the old days on Christmas Eve we used to go to midnight Mass, remember, Dorothy?
Dorothy: Sure I do. Oh, Ma, the music and the candles, it was beautiful.
Sophia: And the Mass was in Latin, a fine old Italian language. Now, who knows! Sometimes it's in English, sometimes Spanish. If you ask me, they should go back to Latin, the language Jesus spoke.
Dorothy: Ma, he spoke Hebrew.
Sophia: Even in church?

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