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Quote from Blanche in Foreign Exchange

Blanche: Rose, please. I do not need a lecture. I am a klutz. I can accept that.
Rose: I guess it's no big thing. You're just awkward when it comes to your body.
Blanche: Say what?
Rose: You have no coordination. Obviously the stories about all your romantic escapades have been greatly exaggerated.
Blanche: Just what is that supposed to mean?
Rose: Blanche, if you can't do a simple dance, how do you expect me to believe that story about you and the Flying Fanelli Brothers?
Blanche: That was all true. To this day I get flushed every time I pass a junglegym.
Rose: Oh, come on, Blanche. That story is no truer than the one you told about you and Buzz in the lunar module.
Blanche: Oh, that does it. Rose, I would never lie about the US Space Program!

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