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Quote from Dorothy in Mother's Day

Mrs. Zbornak: What're you here for? What do you want, money?
Dorothy: No. Absolutely not. How did you know?
Mrs. Zbornak: I just got the feeling my yutz son crapped out at his job.
Dorothy: Yutz. I've never heard you say anything bad about Stan in my life.
Mrs. Zbornak: I don't have to. The whole world makes fun of him. Always has. That's why I make him out to be more than he is.
Dorothy: Then you will give him the money.
Mrs. Zbornak: No. But I'll give it to you under one condition. Don't ever tell Stanley it came from me.
Dorothy: I don't understand.
Mrs. Zbornak: Well, Stanley has a tendency to be weak. If he knew I was a soft touch, he'd never amount to anything. How much do you need?
Dorothy: $500.
Mrs. Zbornak: I'll give you a thousand. You know, Dorothy, I'm glad Stanley married you. You love him, but you're tough on him and he needs that.
Dorothy: Then why are you so mean to me?
Mrs. Zbornak: Because if Stanley knew I liked you, he'd hang around here all the time. He's a yutz. Who needs him around here?
[Dorothy goes to hug Mrs. Zbornak]
Stan: Dorothy!
Mrs. Zbornak: Oh, thank God you came when you did. I thought she was gonna strangle me.

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