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Quote from Sophia in Grab That Dough

Sophia: Would you stop complaining? We've got it easy. Back in Sicily, I was on a game show. It was torture.
Rose: What was it called, Sophia?
Sophia: I just told you. Torture. Mussolini asked the questions and you'd better have the right answers. Things like: Who do you like better, me or Hitler? Who's got the snappiest boots, me or Hitler? Who's got the cuter girlfriend, me or Hitler? And you always had to answer, "Mussolini." Otherwise, they forced you to play the lightning round. They used real lightning.
Dorothy: Oh, come on, Ma, you're making this up.
Sophia: Like hell, I did. Goodson-Todman brought it to the United States., changed a few of the rules and called it Tattle Tales. Now count your blessings and go to sleep. Good night.

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