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Quote from Rose in Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

Rose: My Aunt Gretchen in Fort Lauderdale died.
Dorothy: Oh, Rose.
Blanche: Honey, I'm sorry. Were you close to Aunt Gretchen?
Rose: No, I couldn't stand her.
Dorothy: Wait a minute, Rose. Honey, if you didn't like your aunt, why are you so upset?
Rose: Because I'll have to speak at her funeral. I'm terrified of speaking in front of people. It's my biggest fear in the world.
Blanche: Well, why can't somebody else speak?
Rose: Generptionloken. It's a family tradition. It means the oldest niece has to give the eulogy. Well, not literally. Literally, it's a herring poacher you can wear as a sun visor. The family got together and they decided that was close enough.
Dorothy: Rose, I take it that no member of your family was ever a returning champion on Jeopardy.

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