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Quote from Rose in Zborn Again

Rose: The truth is, she's a sweet girl looking for a friend. And we do have a common bond. She used to be a newscaster. Now she's just an assistant like me. So there's this cognitive dissonance between her actual and her ideal self which causes her to be practically dysfunctional. But of course, I'm no psychologist.
Blanche: No, you're a nitwit. How come you know those words?
Dorothy: Blanche, come on, it's not nice calling her a nitwit. But since the cat's out of the bag... How do you know those words?
Rose: I guess it's from reading The American Journal of Abnormal Psychology. It's published in St. Olaf, you know. In fact, my Uncle Gunther used to be the editor.
Sophia: And what were you, the centerfold?
Blanche: I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe you have ever read a scientific journal.
Rose: Believe what you want. See if I care. Hypersexual bitch.

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