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Quote from Rose in Rose Fights Back

Rose: You know what gets me mad about this whole thing? All those years Charlie put into that job just for the pension. He used to say, "Rose, I hate selling horseshoes, but if I do it long enough, you'll be set for life."
Blanche: Your husband sold horseshoes? I thought he sold insurance.
Rose: Oh, he sold insurance for a while, but Charlie wasn't very good at it. As soon as people said no, he'd give up. Well, insurance salesmen have to keep going till they get a yes. They have to keep talking and talking and talking, even if people aren't listening.
Dorothy: He should have taken you with him.
Rose: Anyway, after he was fired, he worked for an iron company. He sold other things, but horseshoes were his specialty. He had a sense of humor about it. We couldn't pass a horse without Charlie saying: "Can I show you something in an Oxford?" Ah, then he'd laugh and I'd laugh. Sometimes, even the horse would laugh.
Sophia: With them or at them?

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