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Quote from Sophia in Sophia's Choice

Sophia: Well, then. That's that. Lillian's problems are solved. Isn't this terrific?
Dorothy: Terrific? Ma, this is wonderful. I mean, this is a real happy ending. So, how come I don't feel all that happy?
Blanche: I don't know. Is it because we know that Lillian's just plain lucky? That a lot of old people do slip through the cracks and are forgotten? And maybe it may not be too long until we're elderly ourselves?
Rose: I know, girls. Let's make a pact that we'll always take care of each other. That we'll never desert each other, no matter what.
Blanche: You can count on me, honey.
Dorothy: Do you think it's gonna be that easy getting rid of me, Rose? That was rhetorical, Rose. Ah, but what a comforting thought, knowing you'll never be alone. And listen, what the hell? If we do have to go to a nursing home, let's all go together.
Rose: But what happens when there's only one of us left?
Sophia: Don't worry. I can take care of myself.

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