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Quote from Sophia in Valentine's Day

Sophia: Salvadore, what are you looking at? You don't have to pretend you know about cars. You wanna impress me, learn to eat with a fork instead of a bread crust.
Papa Angelo: If you ask me, he ran out of gas.
Salvadore: Nobody asked you.
Papa Angelo: Was I talking to you? I'm talking to my daughter. To me, you don't exist.
Salvadore: Then who's driving you to your niece's wedding in California?
Sophia: Salvadore, you're upsetting Papa. Would you please find a mechanic. It's freezing in here.
Papa Angelo: Of course it's freezing in here. Mr. Ziti-for-Brains decides to take a shortcut through Chicago in the dead of winter.
Sophia: Pop, he didn't plan it that way. He lost the map. He didn't know where he was going.
Papa Angelo: I could've told him where he was going. I told you where he was going the first time I met him. Nowhere. That's where he was going. You married a bum.

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