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Quote from Blanche in Whose Face Is This, Anyway?

Dorothy: Well, come on now, Blanche. What difference does it make?
Blanche: Oh, Dorothy. You can not possibly begin to comprehend the terrible trauma a gorgeous woman goes through when she realizes her beauty is starting to fade.
Dorothy: And who do you see when you look at me, Blanche? Joe Pepitone?
Blanche: All my life my beauty has outshone every other woman's. But no more. Now people are cuter than me, my life is over.
Rose: Well, Blanche, if you feel like that about it, you can get a face-lift, too.
Blanche: Oh, I can't do that. Why surgery scares me to death. That's out of the question.
Dorothy: Well, you'll just have to grow old along with the rest of us.
Blanche: I couldn't go on if I had to look like the two of you.
Dorothy: You know, she had me in her corner right up until the end.

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