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Quote from Blanche in Love, Rose

Blanche: Dorothy, I have a confession to make. I wrote that letter to Rose.
Dorothy: You what?
Blanche: I wrote that letter myself. I made up a name and I answered Rose's ad.
Dorothy: Blanche, how could you? She thinks someone took an interest in her.
Blanche: Well, someone did. Me.
Dorothy: But what if she expects another letter from this guy? What if she decides to go out with him?
Blanche: Then we just write one last farewell letter, before he moves to Saskatchewan, and that's the end of Isaac Newton.
Dorothy: Isaac Newton?
Blanche: It was the first name that came to mind.
Dorothy: Isaac Newton was the first name that came to mind?
Blanche: Actually, Ted Koppel was the first name that came to mind. But he looks like Howdy Doody's illegitimate son.

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