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Quote from Rose in Nice and Easy

Rose: I cringe at some of the stunts I pulled when I was going through my rebellious stage.
Dorothy: Like what, Rose, squeezing the cows too hard?
Rose: No like climbing out my bedroom window and stealing my father's truck to drive into a bar in the city to meet Clel Lightener.
Blanche: Clel Lightener? I think I used that on my hair once.
Rose: Oh, Clel was the cutest boy at our high school. He was also the only sophomore old enough to get into a bar.
Dorothy: So what did you do when you got there?
Rose: I sat in the truck for hours, paralyzed with fear. I kept thinking to myself, "What is a simple Protestant farm girl doing in the parking lot of a gin mill in a flashy, fast-paced city like Tyler's Landing?"
Blanche: So did you get out of the truck or what?
Rose: Of course. I marched up to the door, and I ran right into Reverend Mackenzie coming out of the bar on the arm of Millie Beasley, wife of Emmett Beasley, our town's most decorated war hero. Emmett received three Purple Hearts, all for head wounds. He ran the feed store in our town. 'course, if the truth be known, Millie was the one who had to make change for the customers.
Dorothy: Rose, are you telling a story or performing Our Town?
Rose: Oh, sorry. Anyway, Reverend Mackenzie made a deal with me. He said if I didn't tell on him, he wouldn't tell on me. So, I went home.
Blanche: Well, did he keep your secret?
Rose: Till the day he died. Which was two days later. Emmett found Millie and the Reverend skinny-dipping in the church's fountain and he shot the both of them. A week later, we became Lutherans.
Blanche: Rose, that isn't a "teenage rebellion" story. That is a "changing religions" story. That is a "who cares?" story. That is a "why-in-the-hell-tell-it-in-the-first-place?" story!

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