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Quote from Rose in A Little Romance

Dr. Jonathan Newman: I want to talk about us. Even though we've only been dating for a short period of time, I feel that our relationship is starting to get serious.
Rose: I feel the same way.
Dr. Jonathan Newman: I want you to know I care for you a lot, but there's a problem we cannot continue to ignore. Rose, in order for a relationship to be complete, each person has to accept the other for what he is. I don't think that can ever happen between us.
Rose: Jonathan, you're wrong. I can accept you. I've had time to think this thing through and I can honestly say, it doesn't bother me that you're small.
Dr. Jonathan Newman: Small? No. I meant I can't see you anymore because you're not Jewish.
Rose: What?
Dr. Jonathan Newman: Rose, this has been a very difficult decision for me.
Rose: You're dumping me because I'm not Jewish?
Dr. Jonathan Newman: Oh, no, please understand, I come from a very religious family.
Rose: I can't believe this! I've been agonizing over this relationship and now you have the nerve to-
Dr. Jonathan Newman: Rose, please lower your voice! People are staring at you.
Rose: Staring at me? They're staring at you!
Dr. Jonathan Newman: Well, yes, but I'm used to it. I'm a very snappy dresser!
Rose: [both laugh] I'm sorry I did that. I guess I was upset.
Dr. Jonathan Newman: I understand. I guess this has been a difficult relationship for both of us.
Rose: Oh, it's been a wonderful relationship. I'm gonna miss you.
Dr. Jonathan Newman: I'm gonna miss you too, Rose.
Waiter: How was the shrimp?
Rose: Unfortunately, I'll never know. You see, he's Jewish, and we can't see each other anymore.

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