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Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?

‘Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?’

Season 4, Episode 8 -  Aired December 3, 1988

When the girls win $10,000 on the lottery, Sophia accidentally gives a jacket containing the winning ticket to a local thriftstore.

Quote from Sophia

Ida: [to Sophia] So they sent me a letter. The money was gone. I asked for some help. They gave me some phone numbers.


Quote from Rose

Ben: The streets were cold in Minnesota. It took me nearly three months, but I finally made it to Miami. Will you listen to me, just running on? Tell you what, you tell me your sad story over breakfast. Good night.

Quote from Blanche

Kenny: [to Blanche] I couldn't survive out there, but I'm learning to survive here. Which reminds me, hold on to that purse. I didn't really want any gum.

Quote from Sophia

Ida: [to Sophia] I wander now. I don't decide anything anymore. I wait for things to happen.

Quote from Sophia

Blanche: I found it.
Father Campbell: Good morning.
Sophia: Here you go, Padre. Thanks for everything.

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