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Blind Date

‘Blind Date’

Season 4, Episode 12 -  Aired January 28, 1989

After she is stood up on a date, Blanche meets a charming gentleman in the same situation, but doesn't notice that he is blind. Meanwhile, Rose and Dorothy coach a youth football team.

Quote from Sophia

Dorothy: Ma, did you let Billy play?
Sophia: Billy? Billy...
Rose: Little boy, brown hair.
Dorothy: She knows who he is.
Sophia: Uh, he played a little.
Dorothy: Ma, that was illegal.
Sophia: Was. I gave him a sandwich so he'd make weight. Unfortunately, on the first play it gave him a cramp, and he had to sit out, but they won it without him.


Quote from Sophia

Rose: I knew they could, because of all the discipline I taught them.
Dorothy: Baloney. It's because of the team spirit that I taught them.
Sophia: You're both wrong. It was the "Statue of Mussolini" play I taught them.
Rose: What's that?
Sophia: Everybody piles on the star quarterback on the first play, and then he's out for the rest of the game.
Dorothy: Ma, Ma, that is a mean, underhanded, despicable thing to do.
Sophia: So was World War II. We're talkin' about Mussolini.

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