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Blind Ambitions

‘Blind Ambitions’

Season 1, Episode 23 -  Aired March 28, 1986

When Rose's sister, Lily, who has recently lost her sight visits Miami, Rose can't help trying to do everything for her.

Quote from Rose

Blanche: Are you sure you wanna go through with this?
Rose: Oh, yes. Lily and I have barely spoken since she left. That was two months ago. Oh, I can't say no to Lily. I have to go. I mean, I said no to her when she asked me to come live with her, but I can't say no when she asks me to come visit. And I know she's gonna ask me to come live with her again, and I'm just gonna say no. I think.
I'm such a wreck!


Quote from Rose

Stewardess: Thank you for flying Air Florida. I hope you enjoyed your flight.
Rose: Oh, I certainly did, and I want to especially thank you for that pillow from first class. They're so much fluffier.
Stewardess: Oh, you're welcome, but that was Julie. I'm the one that got you the Dramamine and the packs of smokehouse almonds.
Rose: Can I bother you one more time?
Stewardess: Ten packs is all I can give you. I told you that on the plane.
Rose: I just want to know which way to the baggage claim.

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