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The Golden Girls: Big Daddy

124. Big Daddy

Aired May 3, 1986

Blanche is concerned when her father, Big Daddy, visits and announces he's becoming a traveling singer. Meanwhile, Sophia uses some of her Sicilian magic when a neighbor refuses to take responsibility for tree that fell from his property.

Quote from Blanche

Blanche: Girls, my father's coming! Big Daddy's coming! He just called! Oh, Big Daddy's gonna be in Miami tomorrow. I can't believe it!
Dorothy: I can't believe I know anyone who calls her father Big Daddy.
Blanche: Back home, everybody calls him Big Daddy. Why, he's the most respected and beloved man in our town. Oh, for as long as I can remember, people from all over the county would drive up to Twin Oaks - that's the name of our house - to ask Big Daddy's advice on one thing or the other. And while the men were discussing business on the veranda, the ladies would retire to the shade of an old magnolia to sip mint juleps and exchange prize-winning pecan pie recipes.
Dorothy: Tell me, Blanche, during any of this, would the farm hands suddenly break into a chorus of "Them Old Cotton Fields Back Home"?


Quote from Sophia

Blanche: Oh, there he is now! Now listen, girls, my father is an old time southern aristocrat who is used to fine manners and gentility. So please, please, please be on your best behavior.
Sophia: Why is everyone looking at me?

Quote from Rose

Rose: When I think of my father, I always picture him pulling a giant tuna up Main Street.
Blanche: Well, who doesn't, Rose?
Rose: Oh, it wasn't a real tuna, it was made of chrysanthemums. It was the float in the Father's Day Parade. You probably don't know this, but my home town was founded by Heinrich von Anderdonnen, the first man to ever can tuna in its own natural juices. Anyway, it was the 50th anniversary celebration of the founding of our town and my father was chosen to pull the float. He thought it was 'cause he had the newest tractor, but actually, it was 'cause he was the only one small enough to fit into the mayonnaise jar costume. Oh, I'll never forget the moment we caught sight of him, turning off of Sycamore on to Elm. Something must have happened to the tractor, 'cause there he was, this lone little mayonnaise jar dragging this giant tuna up the hill, past the reviewing stand. I don't think I've ever been prouder in my life.
Dorothy: That's very touching, Rose. It shouldn't be, but it is.

Quote from Sophia

Rose: Oh, Sophia, I want to explain about last night. When I was a little girl, one summer we had a terrible thunderstorm-
Sophia: Excuse me, Rose. Have I given you any indication at all that I care?

Quote from Sophia

Big Daddy: You must be Sophia. It's a pleasure to meet you. [Sophia holds out her hand, which he kisses] Excuse me for staring, ma'am, but I've always felt that the stunning, classical beauty of an Italian woman should be admired like a fine work of art.
Sophia: You need boots to listen to this guy.

Quote from Sophia

Dorothy: Oh, Ma, why'd you do that? You just made matters worse with that ridiculous curse.
Sophia: Ridiculous? The curse works, believe me. I've used it before.
Dorothy: Oh, when?
Sophia: Baltimore Colts, New York Jets, 1969. Draw your own conclusions.

Quote from Dorothy

Rose: What on Earth do you do with a mechanical bull?
Dorothy: Introduce him to a mechanical cow, Rose.

Quote from Sophia

Dorothy: Morning, Ma.
Sophia: Taste this.
Dorothy: Mm. Oh, it's awful. What's the matter with it?
Sophia: It's expired. But sometimes it's good after the date. I just wanted to check.

Quote from Sophia

Dorothy: You look tired, Ma.
Sophia: Rose kept me up all night.
Dorothy: Oh, why?
Sophia: I don't know. She was afraid of the storm. Three in the morning, she knocks on my door, crying, begging, pleading to get into bed with me. Just like your father used to do before we got married.
Dorothy: So what did you do?
Sophia: I told him, "You're not getting anything till you put a ring on my finger and a donkey in my father's barn!"
Dorothy: Not Pop, Rose!
Sophia: I told her to get the hell out of my room.

Quote from Rose

Blanche: Well, maybe I am exaggerating just a touch, but not about Big Daddy. Oh, he's a very special man.
He has truly been a father to everybody in our town.
Rose: Your mother must have been a very forgiving woman.

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