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All Bets Are Off

‘All Bets Are Off’

Season 5, Episode 24 -  Aired April 28, 1990

Sophia is worried when Dorothy starts gambling again after a day at the track. Meanwhile, Blanche is concerned when her advances on a co-worker are rebuffed.

Quote from Sophia

Dorothy: So then I went up to the podium, and I said, "My name is Dorothy, and I have a gambling problem." You know, when I left Gambler's Anonymous 15 years ago, I thought I'd never have to say those words again.
Rose: Well, let's hope this time you get cured.
Dorothy: Ah, you're never really cured, Rose. You just have to learn to live each day just one day at a time.
Rose: Well, of course you do, Dorothy. I mean, if you took them two at a time you'd end up constantly changing your underwear.
Sophia: Go ahead, stand up and say it. "My name is Rose, and I'm an idiot."


Quote from Blanche

Dorothy: Ah, Blanche, you're finally dressed!
Blanche: Yeah, I went back to work.
Rose: Good for you!
Blanche: And you know what I found out the reason Donald rejected me was? He has this strict personal rule against getting involved with anybody he's working with.
Dorothy: I told you.
Blanche: Yeah. Well, anyway, he knew it was either violate this rule of his, or quit his job and come after me. So that's what he did, he quit! And then he asked me to go out with him.
Dorothy: And what did you say?
Blanche: Well, I've decided to take Rose's advice. I'm playing hard to get, like that little possum in your story.
Rose: Did I mention the part where you hang upside down from the tree?
Blanche: I can do that.

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