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Adult Education

‘Adult Education’

Season 1, Episode 20 -  Aired February 22, 1986

Blanche is the victim of sexual harassment when her psychology professor asks for sex in return for improving her grades.

Quote from Blanche

Blanche: Girls, not one soul has asked me about my test.
Rose: Oh, Blanche, we forgot. How did it go?
Blanche: Well, I think I passed with flying colors. But best of all, I told off that nasty old professor.
Dorothy: Honey, congratulations. You're going to be a college graduate.
Rose: Oh, we're so proud of you.
Blanche: Well, thank you, but I couldn't have done it without you girls.
Rose: Oh, now you can get that promotion at the museum.
Blanche: Oh, no, didn't I tell you? That position was filled.
Dorothy: Oh, you're kidding.
Blanche: No, the museum director gave it to Sally Folgeson. The money I spent on tuition, she spent on a tummy tuck and a butt lift.
Rose: Blanche, I hope you're not discouraged.
Blanche: Oh, not one bit. My time will come. One day, her butt will turn to mush, but I'll always have my degree.


Quote from Dorothy

Dorothy: [on the phone] Yes? Yes, yes, yes, I'm still here. Yeah, I'm calling about the Sinatra concert. It's what? What, you've kept me on hold all this time to tell me that it is sold out? No, no, I will not have a nice day!

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