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You're Under Foot

‘You're Under Foot’

Season 1, Episode 12 -  Aired January 7, 2014

When Beverly grows tired of Pops being in her way, she sends him to work with Murray at his old furniture store. Before long, Pops is taking over the store. Meanwhile, when Adam's crush Dana visits his bedroom and abruptly runs out, Barry and Erica give Adam some advice which leads to him giving away all his toys.

Quote from Adam

Adam: Behold, the U.S.S. Flagg.
Dana: That takes up a lot of room.
Adam: Well, yeah. It's an aircraft carrier. It's meant to hold aircraft. It's all right there in the name.


Quote from Murray

Pops: It's not a furniture store now. It's a hip lounge.
Murray: Number one It is a furniture store. Number two the two biggest enemies of furniture are smoke and coffee.
Vic: And Jheri curl juice.
Murray: Three enemies!

Quote from Barry

Adam: It was going so great. And then she just ran off for no reason. Why would she do that?
Barry: 'Cause no girl on this planet would ever wanna make out in this room. Seriously, it looks like a nerd bomb went off in here.

Quote from Erica

Erica: I hate to admit it, but the idiot's right. It was the toys.
Adam: So my toys freaked her out?
Erica: The fact that you have toys freaked her out.

Quote from Barry

Barry: Listen, chicks like waterbeds and samurai swords that elegantly hang over a fireplace. It's a scientific fact.
Erica: He's still an idiot. But he's right.

Quote from Barry

Barry: What would you rather touch a boob or a dino-bot?
*Adam ponders*
Barry: You took too long! The answer is clearly boob!

Quote from Barry

Barry: First step Drakkar Noir. No woman can resist its alluring stink. Now, you never apply it directly onto your own skin. You simply mist, and walk through.

Quote from Murray

Beverly: How'd it go with my dad? Did you have a good time?
Murray: Give me a minute. Can't a man take off his pants?
Beverly: Have you been smoking? A cigar?
Murray: Two! With some low-end cognac. Your dad turned my discount furniture store into the Copacabana.

Quote from Murray

Murray: I'd like, uh, some shrimp parm, with extra shrimp and extra parm.
Beverly: I thought you said you were nauseous.
Murray: I'll fight through it.

Quote from Beverly

Adam: It's actually kind of cold out.
Beverly: Oh, your nose is all pink like a little kitten.
Adam: Mom!
Beverly: Meow.
Adam: Stop.
Beverly: Meow, meow, meow!
Adam: Stop it.

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